Asphalt is among the most durable materials available for pavement, making it the go-to material for roads and parking lots alike. However, nothing is impervious, especially surfaces that have multi-ton cars driving on them daily. Turn to Impact Paving LLC when you need Asphalt Resurfacing in Pittsburgh, PA to get your surface back to perfect condition. No one in the area is as devoted to improving the asphalt of this town than we are.


While no asphalt surface is forever, the better the resurfacing job, the longer it can last. Our goal is to save you money and time in the future by providing the best services we can. We want your asphalt to last for years and years before we need to come back for a touch-up. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the methods we use and steps we take to get the longest lifespan possible out of your asphalt.

Contact us today to learn why we are the trusted name in Asphalt Resurfacing. We are proud to serve Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas.